Thursday, 31 May 2012

Just.discovered: Teeki

I just came across this amazing new brand... Teeki. The idea behind the brand was to create functional, fashionable and eco conscious bikinis that not only look awesome but also give back to the planet. 

I am always on the look out for new ethical/green brands and designers as I feel its got to be part of the way forward for the fashion industry. They make amazing looking bikini's all made from recycled plastic water bottles! Teeki found the perfect process to make stylish, breathable, quick drying and durable materials while keeping rubbish off our streets.

 There is so much fast fashion going on, and being cheap and on trend its hard to say no to all the beautiful new clothes when you walk down the high street. Yet we need to slow down and think about the damage we are doing, take a step back and see what else is out there. 

There are now so many alternatives... Upstyling with a bit of DIY, Vintage Stores, Ebay (yes Ebay! so many people are selling new unworn clothes they don't want, better buy them or get selling all your unwanted clothes, or we will continue to send massive piles of perfectly wearable clothes to landfill). Plus there are sooo many great designers working with organic cotton and recycled materials such as: 
Katherine Hamnett, Stella McCartney, Dr Noki and Orsola De Castro
and brands such as:
 Noir by Peter Ingwersen, People Tree, From Somwhere and Edun by Ali Hewson.

So go check out the above or have a browse of Livia Firth's online shop or Esthetica (an BFC initiative)

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