Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Just.worn: Shorts & Sneaks

Summer is finally here (but lets not jinx this) and it's just my luck that I have the worst cold! However, I can't stand the thought of having to be locked up in a dark room being ill, when I can simply curl up outside in the sunshine on a sun lounger in my back garden. Sunshine has to be the best cure for everything, so fingers crossed I'm feeling better by tomorrow!

 So here is a quick outfit post of what I would have been wearing out today if did not have to be within 2 metres of a box of tissues at all times and wrapped in a blanket. My brand new leather shorts from H&M, find of the month as they were only £15 in the sale and the only pair in my size left, and predictably, teamed with a pair of kicks and an oversize tee! I love my springcourts, they are the most comfortable sneaks I have ever owned, not to mention the only sneaks other than my converse I believe it is acceptable to own in more than one colour! 

I have a ridiculous amount of kicks and sneaks which is forever growing bigger and bigger, and I am debating if I should step up to join the wedge trainer gang? Of course I would love to go all out with a pair of Isabel Marant bad boys, but with the slight issue of price and availability, maybe a pair of Ash Coolbis or Topshop Aerobic's would be just as gangster?

Leather Shorts - H&M / Tee - H&M Men / Sneaks - Springcourt / Sunnies - Vintage Raybans (mum's) /  Black & Silver Arty Ring - Ebay / Watch - DKNY


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  2. love the outfit hun.. i follow u!
    btw thanks for the ya

  3. I hope you are feeling better :) Following your blog now, it's cute! Love, VLL @ xo