Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Just.wrote: Delusions Of Perception

Delusions Of Perception

They say two’s company, three’s a crowd… but as we spend most our time in our own company, is it still deemed a crowd when it’s just me, myself and I?
So can we ever be alone if it really is two’s company, where there are two sides to every story and two heads are better than one – it would seem like the whole world has a split personality but there’s a particular kind of deep rooted schizophrenia which few of us dare address.
Think about those women who go to work wearing a sharp suit, stilettos and a freshly pressed shirt. But at night… they morph into societies seductive sirens.
These sirens sit at their desk waiting, waiting for night to fall and the darkness to sweep a cloak over daily conformity. It’s at night they are released from the constraints of society and can act without thought, unleashing their wildness supressed by day. Yet these wild exploits are soon forgotten and left only to the memory of the night, and are all too quickly imprisoned once more. Trapped within the deepest and darkest depths of our minds. It seems by day we exist in a constant state of repression and the only thing controlling our urges being the possible consequences imposed by civilised society. But are we blinded by the light of society to the recollection of our true personalities?
Like a dissociative personality will not always know of their alternate self, with complete memory loss that goes further than normal forgetfulness, society forces our sirens to hide in the shadows. Where we can sometimes glimpse upon them but blink and they are gone and become another figment of our imagination. Thoughts forced to be nothing more than faint memories that are so vague they become questionable to ever having existed, bound by society.
Our behaviour and social responses are that of intensive training, not unlike Pavlov’s Dogs. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, the distant ringing bell alerts us to the required actions and our personality becomes that of a submissive puppy. So the seductive sirens are destined to remain caged, trapped in the depths of our minds as a distant memory. Occasionally floating to the surface only to be drowned and forced back down into the subconscious by the prerequisite of the cultivated behaviour enforced by society.
People are intent on keeping their squeaky-clean image while subtly alluding to alternate hedonistic and animalistic characteristics. It seems even if they know about their split personality they want to keep it hidden.
Rorschach invented his infamous inkblots to reveal our deepest, darkest thoughts. It brings to the surface those, which we never admit to. We all perceive these ambiguous designs differently, but even then, our answers are left open to the interpretation of those who deem themselves a psychological expert.
Surely a test where the results are that of interpretation, there can never be a definitive answer. With not correct answer, what use is the test? Is there evidence that can be found within us that will allude to what we actually think? Little is known about the human mind, and there is only so much, scientists can account for.
So if we can’t explain our own thought processes or actions, are we all merely just acting on animal instinct? It is in the darkness our true personalities can escape and then are forced back inside by society in the daylight. Memories and thoughts become all too real, and as previously programmed, we pretend they don’t exist, but are they ever forgotten? We think we might realise this is happening, but even if we do we are too scared to address this. Our animal actions occur without thought, making us less human... or possibly freer?
Are we truly more ‘animal than man’ but made human by society. Will our sirens ever be set free or remain a prisoner of society? 


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