Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just.bought: Snakeskin Wedges

I cant believe it's June already, which can only mean two things... one we are halfway through another year and two (more importantly) it's almost my birthday! It's been a crazy year so far and I am sure there is plenty more madness to come. So with a brand new purchase, I thought it would be good to have a little recap on the year, more specifically on the progress of my 12 for 2012 Challenge. But first more about these absolute beauties, which I bought last week.

Now that summer has sort of arrived, I thought it was about time that I found myself a pair of killer wedges. Which is exactly what I did and to make it even better they only cost me £25. I'm not gonna lie, I do love finding a bargain and it is even better when I have been staring at them online for the past month priced at £50 with my cursor hovering over the check out button, only to walk into Office to try them on and find that they are half price!

I cannot wait to find an excuse to wear these, but until that moment, has anyone got any ideas how I could style them?

Read on to see what key pieces I have added to my wardrobe as part of my challenge.

January - River Island Chelsea Boots
I had to hunt these ones down, but I found them in the end.

February - Topshop Aviator Jacket
The perfect winter jacket, perfectly cosy and warm to keep the cold out.

March - Marc by Marc Jacobs Laptop Case
Now I know its a laptop case, but I take my laptop everywhere so I thought it deserved to look good as it is one of my main accessories.

April - Adidas Kicks
Another pair of amazing kicks, will have to give them their own blog post styled to perfection soon.

May - Office Snakeskin Wedges
They tick all the boxes... rock n roll snakeskin, comfy killer wedge heel, result is that they are perfect for summer!

Seeing as it is my birthday this month, I might take a trip to london and find something completely amazing to be item no. 6 of my 12 for 2012 challenge!

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