Friday, 28 December 2012

Just.obsessed: One Last Skull

One last post about skulls before the year ends, and I should probably add, what a year it has been! 
Here's a quick little post mainly about this AWESOME sequin skull jumper I received for Christmas, which can be found in Urban Outfitters. I absolutely love it! 

Be sure to check back in the new year where you can see me style this jumper into numerous outfits (seriously, if I can get away with wearing it with everything, then I will)! Hopefully I'll find some other clothes to style together, maybe with some of my new custom designed jewels (check out my instagram  - @ninaclewis - to see some of my designs so far) and most definitely more skulls!

Until then... Happy New Year!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just.ideas: Glittering Gold Gifts

After watching the new topshop christmas advert with Kate Bosworth surround by gold, I thought I would create a little list of all things golden that would make the perfect Christmas gifts!

Lace & Sequin Bra - All Saints / Sequin Dress - Phase Eight / Black & Gold Skull Bead Bracelet - Lady Lu Jewels / Multi Chain Cross Necklace - Topshop / Sequin Tee Dress - All Saints / Arty Dot Ring - Yves Saint Laurent / Gold Hi Tops - Kurt Geiger / Sequin Clutch Bag - All Saints / Gold Skull Candle - Koff

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Just.seen: Winter Wonderland

Rather like Topshop's Christmas Ad featuring Kate Bosworth (who has even released this song as a single), its beautifully shot (I love the golden tone that lights up the room) and I definitely want those dazzling ruby shoes. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

Just.worn: Denim Detail

A closer look at my Dr Denim jeans and the biker style seam detail on the knees and the ankle zips. Worn simply with chunky wedge boots and a red cashmere jumper (well it is christmas now, so festive colours are a must)!

Jeans - Dr Denim / Boots - Next / Jumper - John Lewis (mens) / Bracelet - MMM x H&M

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Just.worn: Snakeskin Jeans

It didn't take me long to cross off these jeans on my winter wish list. So here they are with the only coat I will be wearing all christmas!

Snakeskin Jeans - Zara / Tee - H&M / Boots - Office (bought off ebay) / Belt - H&M / Faux Fur Coat - Vintage (from To Be Worn Again) / Watch - DKNY / Bracelet - Lady Lu Jewels

Friday, 30 November 2012

Just.want: Winter Wishlist

As today it reached sub-zero temperatures, I decided to stay cosy and warm inside and compile a little winter wish list. Comprising of lots of woolly knits, icy coloured bling and a fantastic pair of boots to stomp about outside.

Whats on everyone's winter wish list???

Sequin Skull Jumper - Urban Outfitters / Chunky Lilac Knit - Designers Remix / Cable Knit Bobble Hat - Topshop / Oversized Fur Collar Coat - Sparkle & Fade / Western Boots - Topshop / Silver Sabian Matinee Necklace - All Saints / Black Snakeskin Jeans - Zara / Crown Chakra Bracelet - Daisy

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Just.worn: Neon Necklace

Came across this LBD in H&M yesterday, and although I'm not normally one for dresses, layering it over trousers seems to take the girly edge off (although I could be tempted to wear it by itself with lots of studs and skulls). Worn here with my latest DIY necklace, with some serious neon green tassels attached to some chunky chains, its the perfect statement piece to offset an otherwise entirely black outfit!

Sheer Black Dress - H&M / Leather Trousers - Topshop / Chelsea Boots - River Island / Keyring Bracelet - Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Just.worn: Margiela for H&M

So today my order arrived from H&M contain lots of little white boxes full of goodies. Couldn't resist trying it all on at once with thought that more is more! I could wear the leather leggings with everything, but love the idea of teaming them with a big cosy knit for the winter. I definitely have my favourite pieces... namely the jewellery, love the keyring bracelet/necklace, but if I had to pick just one, it would have to be the boots (however uncomfortable they may be)!

White Circle Shirt / Leather Leggings / Inside Out Leather Jacket / Black Clear Heel Boots / Navy Oversize Cashmere Jumper / Watch Necklace /  Keyring Necklace & Bracelet - All Margiela for H&M

Friday, 23 November 2012

Just.arrived: White Boxes

Can't wait to unpack everything all the goodies hidden inside these white boxes (which will surely involve a mini fashion shoot)!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Just.worn: Dr Denim

Just a quick post today of what I'm wearing including my new MMM with H&M Candy Wrapper Clutch. As usual in tee and jeans (all be it my lovely new jeans) dressed up with a little extra bling.

Skinny Jeans - Dr Denim / Tee - H&M / Ambush Boots - Topshop / Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag - Maison Martin Margiela x H&M / Bracelet - Lady Lu Jewels / Watch - DKNY / Necklace - own DIY project 

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just.made: Pearls & Chains

 Step 1: Just add your chosen beads to get started.
 Step 2: Add some chains to make a statement.
Step 3: Add some ribbon to tie it up et voila!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Just.watched: L'Invitation au Voyage

I adore the new campaign advert by Louis Vuitton, the cinematography is stunning and the music, although a little unexpected brings the mystery to life. 

Follow this beautiful woman as she slinks her way through the mysteries and intrigues of the Louvre, pausing only for a moment as she encounters the Mona Lisa. So as not be caught the handsome stranger also after the secrets hidden within the Louis Vuitton trunk, only unlocked by her key, she escapes with the precious envelope in a hot air balloon drifting across the Parisian sky in pursuit of her destiny.

However has anyone else noticed that although they have used model of the moment, Arizona Muse,  she looks like and is styled very similarly to Keira Knightly in the Coco Mademoiselle Chanel advert?

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Just.found: A Matter Of Life And Denim

Finding the right pair of dreams can sometimes feel like a matter of life and death. Seeing as I live in jeans, 'a matter of life and denim' would be a more appropriate title for the epic hunt for the holy grail of jeans. When you find 'the ones' you forget the countless pairs you try to squeeze into, the number of fitting rooms with the most unflattering mirrors and lighting.
I took a gamble, fed up of the above hunting conditions, I boldly ordered several pairs off the internet (Asos sale I love you). Admittedly only one pair fit perfectly, but that was all I wanted and got to avoid all the stress of endless shopping.

Will be posting an outfit featuring my new Dr Denim jeans very soon!

In the mean time follow me on instagram @ninaclewis and twitter @nina_chantal

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just.been: Amsterdam (Part 2)

Bridge #2 of the 7 perfectly aligned bridges.

The land of tulips... and in the winter, tulip bulbs.

Can't not ride around Amsterdam on a bike when you visit!

Perfect way to choose my next destination to explore, spin the globe of fortune!

 Reminds me so much of the film elf (getting a little excited about christmas already).

Just.been: Amsterdam

I amsterdam.

Picture taking of picture takers...

A car I dreamed of owning when I was younger (and still do)

Our ginger friend

My amazing travelling buddies, never to be left at home when travelling around Europe!

Red Light errr

Old 19th/20th century photograph from our visit to the sex museum (had to be done).

A bike with a beautiful pink basket, the perfect way to stand out from the thousands of bikes.