Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just.bought: New Suede Shoes

Dr Martens Classic Brogue

I have been intrigued by the growing trend of creepers and platform shoes as chunky soles were steadily creeping up inch by inch on the runway. It was not long before the high street followed suit and fully embraced the trend. Brands such as Underground (the original british punks) have collaborated with popular high street stores Topshop and Urban Outfitters creating new and exclusive designs.

Initially I thought these bold designs were a little to punk for me and thought about settling for one of the slightly more tailored wearable styles offered by Office . However being the dreaded half size, try as I might I couldn't find a pair in either style to fit! I had just about given up and started my search for another footwear trend when... I glanced upon this pair of Dr Martens. I knew I had to own them, I just hoped this would finally be my Cinderella pair. I tentatively asked the shop assistant for my size, my eyes followed her to the stockroom, disappear and then return, clutching THE shoes. I slowly laced each one up, they were perfect! I could not have been happier if Prince Charming had laced them up himself. I had found my 'glass slippers'.

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