Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just.unlocked: The Crown Jewels

Seeing as old Liz has been around 60 years, I thought I should write a post more in line with all the Jubilee celebrations. Rather than going for the cliche red, white and blue, I thought I would write a glistening post not exactly about the crown jewels but of all my precious glittering vintage gems (which might not be as expensive, but are invaluable to me)! So see if you can spot all my vintage beauties.

The Jewels
My beautiful pearl necklace was a present from my lovely mum for my last birthday and the exquisitely engraved silver bangle was my 21st birthday present for the previous year. I spy several more items that were presents from mum hidden amongst all the other gems. A pair of Art Deco mother of pearl earrings, my favourite rock and roll studded silver ring and not forgetting my amazing marcasite and opal Art Nouveau pendant.
The cool turquoise ring was given to me from my rock n roll aunt. Whilst the ruby pendant was given to me by my other rockin aunt!
The sparkling diamond ring sat in the curl of pearls was given to me from my nan, who also bought me my rare black pearl pendant and the very dainty hanging pearl chain. 
I bought myself the giant moonstone ring from a little vintage market in Florence when I was there in February. Plus the extremely well hidden tiny silver skull earrings and Vivienne Westwood skull bracelet (10 points if you can spot where they are). 

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