Saturday, 21 January 2012

Just.discovered: Ultra 10

We are ULTRA. A Sustainable Collective.
I have just discovered this unique fashion collection called Ultra 10. It is unique because it is a collection formed of 10 pieces that can create interchangeable styles/looks, and comes with a 365 days challenge.

Created by Tengku Jamidah and Anita Hawkins, who describe the collection as...
 'a conscientious response to the overconsumption that is too often associated with fashion'

The entire collection is made from recycled and natural materials and once your 365 days are up, you can trade it in to be upcycled into something new.

I have already made my ethical fashion pledges for the year and just wish I was brave enough to accept  or even seriously consider attempting the challenge of wearing this for 365 days. Some days I feel I could thrive off such a challenge to create a new look everyday incorporating different pieces of this beautifully simple and modern collection into my look as I absolutely love this concept. But for today at least I remain a fainthearted fashion junkie.


  1. I love the clean minimal look of the collection.

  2. so cool. Love your blog, hun. totally following. I hope you'll take a sec to check out mine. It's all about moving from a small town to taking on the LA fashion scene. xo