Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Just.decided: 12 for 2012 Challenge

The challenge: to add only 12 key pieces to my wardrobe this year. 

It sounds scary I know, but in a bid to be more ethical about my fashion consumption I have decided to try and survive the whole year by only investing in pieces I really love and will wear again and again. I'm not sure I can manage buying only 12 key pieces for the entire year, because after all firstly, I am a girl who loves to shop and secondly I am a fashion student! So to gently ease myself into this new ethical lifestyle and method of shopping, I am allowing myself to by basic items such as t-shirts, tanks and denim (I count denim as a basic right in my little world) from fairtrade brands or organic cotton designs etc. However if I do find I cannot survive on this alone (terrible I know), I will allow myself to shop at charity shops or buy things second hand, to hopefully restyle and recycle and help reduce the huge number of textiles that end up in landfill due to the nature of our 'fast fashion' obsession.
Katherine Hamnett tee - does what it says on the tin! 
I hope to achieve all this in an effort to lower my previous consumer orientated life of previous years gone by as I now realise the impact fashion can have on our planet and the people who live on it!

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