Saturday, 6 October 2012

Just.been: Toni & Guy

Stylists in action

Happy guests with their label.m goody bags

Love the leather peplum

Nanokeratin permanent blow dry system in action (silky soft straight hair for 3 weeks... amazing)

My local Toni & Guy threw a little party to celebrate the end of another amazing season of fashion weeks and with the offer of a free bar and goody bag, I was certain I had a gap in my schedule. After snapping some amazing up dos, munching on a selection of delicious rainbow coloured macaroons and having a bit of an in depth chat with one of the art directors and colourists I was tempted to have a complete style overhaul. Pictures of even shorter darker hair styles kept surfacing teamed with bangs (another American word which sounds sooo much cooler, I mean fringe??? c'mon!). I just can't decide, I'm only just getting used to short hair since chopping it off last christmas, but then again whats the difference between having my hair this short or even shorter? I shall have to see over the next couple of weeks if I'm brave enough to go for the chop (again)!

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