Sunday, 9 September 2012

Just.been: London

So here's me on a sunny trip to London, with not only a better picture of me in my new zara sandals, but of me sporting one of my favourite accessories I always seem to acquire on trips to London... An infamous yellow Selfridges bag!
What started out as a cultural trip to visit a new exhibition at The Royal Academy of the Impressionists, turned into (as usual) a little bit of tourist cliches and shopping trip. Made clear by my photo stood next to an amazingly decorated Olympic mascot statue and armfuls of Selfridges bags. Although I could not have had a better day in London for the sun was shining, the art was spectacular and the shops still had bargains to offer me. I managed to find myself a great little black top in the last of the Zara sales, a Boy London tee (which I have been wanting forever) and a couple of beauty treats from Chanel. A day bargain hunting in London always requires comfortable shoes for an obscene amount of walking, so my lovely and flat sandals were the best possible choice. I wore them with a casual white cotton shirt and a pair of leather shorts, accessorised with my new neon bling and the usual Raybans. The day ended with a stroll through Hyde Park, where I was able to catch a glimpse of just about everyone enjoying the last of the sunshine in every which way imaginable. 

White Shirt - H&M / Black Leather Shorts - H&M / Neon Necklace - H&M / Print Sandals - Zara

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