Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Just.bought: Zara Steals

Leather Shoes - Zara / Neon Necklace - H&M / Grey & Leather Tee - Zara

After a spontaneous shopping trip, I have found myself with some unexpected steals from the last of the high street sales. As usual I found myself walking straight into Zara followed by H&M, although I'm sure I found myself in Topshop at one point with handfuls of beautiful sale lingerie in the que for the checkout?
These are my 3 favourite pieces I couldn't resist snatching up, a bit of neon bling from H&M (admittedly not in the sale, but still a bargain none the less), a simple grey tee from Zara with leather shoulder and pocket details and also this pair of leather buckle up flats (also know as Flat Fashion Shoes in the world of Zara), by far my favourite item out of the three! Can't wait to style these masculine shoes with a contrasting feminine top or with a full on androgynous trouser suit??? 


  1. Zara never let's me down!! I love these shoes, I don't think anything from Zara ever looks typically high street, I love the tshirt as well. Have enjoyed looking through your blog. X

  2. Oh god these are lovely Nina! I've been hankering after that grey/leather top for a while now... looks awesome with the acid necklace!
    Hope you're well :) xxx
    (it's Ella from pub times with Ari and Hils btw, haha)

  3. I just bought these shoes too! Very happy with them.
    I like the other purchases you've paired them with too.

    Cath x