Thursday, 26 July 2012

Just.worn: Passionate Sports Fan

In preparation for the London 2012 Olympics and the glorious sunshine I'm hoping will last for the rest of the year (little bit too hopeful) I decided there was not better time to get my favourite leather running shorts out! Teamed here with the No.1 casual sneaks in the world... a pair of white converse hi tops. 

Plus I have to boast about my new discovery Lush Emotional Brilliance Make Up! I took part in their colour reading and my top 3 were Drive, Passionate and Ambition. I am a big fan of lush and all their products made of lovely natural ingredients, plus there's nothing like a bit of neon pink to brighten up any outfit or mood!

Leather Running Shorts - H&M / Tee - H&M Knot Violence (worn backwards) / Hi Top Sneaks - Converse All Star


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