Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just.seen: Boy London

Just.spotted: Rihanna dressed head to toe in Boy London and Chloe Sevigny rocking a Boy London tee for casual street style. 

Boy London, once the stuff of legend, beloved by the underground and coveted by everyone. Worn by all the cool kids and by every youth movement that ever mattered. Boy comes with attitude and unmistakable graphic prints. Rocking Dj sets in Selfridges for its new collection launch, nothing has changed from the time their original store was partying as much as it was selling clothes. Now just as in demand as it ever was, the new generation of fans it has created cannot get enough of it, including me!

Apart from wanting to replace all the tees I own with everything Boy, I also need their black snapback in my life! I love teaming graphic tees with denim, I love both the simplicity of it and the statement it makes. I think I will definitely be visiting the brands new shop Sick, which is full of vintage goodies and new collaborations, and I won't be leaving empty handed!

Now totally inspired by the amazing tees by Boy London, I think I am going to have to showcase a selection of my denim and tee collection as part of my March challenge to create and wear a different look everyday.

These collaboration tees from Boy with brand Long have potential for so many Diy projects. I can sense some Adam Saaks for Ed Hardy Tshirt cutting on the horizon!

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