Sunday, 26 February 2012

Just.been: Portobello Road

I managed to make time this week to check out one of my old favourite haunts of London, Portobello Road. It's been such a long time since I sifted my way through the endless racks of vintage treasures and ending up having to drag my bag home to Brighton rather than carry it gracefully. But it's all too easy to get lost among the clothes and jewels, and all too often I find my bag getting heavier and so much fuller than when I arrived. I just can't help myself, my excuse this time... my recent trip to Florence. Since snooping the numerous markets in Florence my mind has been left in complete magpie mode. Yet unlike magpies I discovered all that glitters is not gold when I bought the latest addition to my wardrobe, but then everything that is gold does not always glitter.

Below is a little peak at my golden find that is now firmly my new wardrobe favourite and I will be posting a new outfit featuring this beauty very soon.

Until then, here are a couple of dapper looking young men I discovered a wandering down Portobello Road. One I named Charlie, for reasons still unknown to myself and the other is Jerrick Gray, who I believe is wearing some of his own creations. Not to mention a beautiful pair of black and neon orange Y-3s, which are almost as beautiful as my white and green pair, but none the less are still going on my kicks obsession list!




  1. I'm planning a trip to London in July and hoping to visit the Portobello Markets! Can't Wait!!

    x Aliya

    1. Be sure to go on a Friday or Saturday morning to ensure all the fashion stalls are there to grab yourself a bargain! :D

  2. Jerrick's own creations are as hot as himself.. Awesome!!!