Monday, 31 October 2011

Just.seen: La Nuit Blanche

Tonight was that magic day in October when the clocks change and we get that extra hour. Brighton celebrates this 'White Night' with a mix of exhibitions, interactive art and events with numerous performances by bands, choirs, dancers and artists.
One of the giant mythical creature paper sculptures on display across the old steine.
I managed to get out and explore a small selection of the things 'White Night' had to offer, from a short trip to heaven and hell, a chance to build my utopian self in a utopian future world out of clay and telephone the far away woods and hear the owls hooting. 

The clay utopia created by people throughout the night slowly got filled by hundreds of tiny sculptures.

I visited the tree of life with my friends, a rope ran around the tree featuring the past, present an future, which you could subsequently pass through add tie your own message to the circle. There were messages of love, hope and promise.

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